Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus

Posted on 21/04/2010 by hassanahmed.
Categories: Writing Assignment.

Today I’m going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus. Firstly, transporting by bus is cheaper than buying a new car. Also, it is big and wide that it can carry a lot of people. In addition, you get to meet different kinds of people. Not only that but also you don’t have to drive because there is already a driver. Furthermore, you can sit back and relax till you get to your destination.

However, there are disadvantages as much as the advantages that I mentioned. First of all, the bus can be delayed for a period of time. What is more, the bus can be crowded and it may not be as comfortable as the car and it can be dirty sometimes. Moreover, the bus is not a very fast way of transporting because it is big and heavy. Not only that but also the bus doesn’t stop at where you want it stops at the bus station.

Finally, in my opinion the bus is a good way of traveling because it is safe and could carry a lot of people.


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